Why do we have these creatures?

On Sunday, I posted on Facebook about finding cat vomit under a piece of newspaper and asked, “What’s worse.”  Turns out there are a LOT of animal-related poop and vomit stories out there and my friends shared many.   On the Facebook post, I added a picture of our big, handsome boy cat, Scooter (on the left) because he’s just to darned cute.

But I may have blamed the wrong cat.

Yesterday, I tossed the clean laundry on the sofa and folded mos of it.  I left George’s T-shirts on the back of the sofa for him to fold.   That is also the favorite napping place of Maggie, the fat little girl cat.   Sadly, Maggie (to the right) is a one-person feline.  She adores me but isn’t as fond of George.   Sometimes when she’s sitting next to me on the love seat, he’ll tickle her feet.  She really hates that.  She threatened vengence–but who knew?

This morning, George went to pick up and fold the shirts and discovered–well, if you had to guess, based on my previous Facebook post, what did he discover?   Yes, cat vomit.  It had to be from Maggie because that’s her place.   And that makes me wonder who left the other offering.

Please forgive me with my constant harping on this subject.  I hope this is the end of it.   If George will leave Maggie’s feet alone, I think  this will solve the problem.

But probably not.

2 thoughts on “Why do we have these creatures?

  1. My husband told me last night NO MORE ANIMALS. The last one we brought home has taken to peeing on expensive stuff, like the new couch and his Tempurpedic pillow. ARGH! So every night and every time we leave the house now, we have to close her in the back room. We’ve had her almost 3 years–not sure why she’s starting this now!

  2. Oh, Mary–how sad! we had a female Irish setter who had this problem–seems she’d been neutered too young. We had to give her hormone tablets. Fortunately, an Irish setter will eat anything so she goggled them right down when covered with hamburger. She was fine after that.

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