Jane Myers Perrine

profileI write to get away from it all: from clutter and dirty ovens and a craving for chocolate. Yes, writing helps but when I’m through the oven is still dirty and the clutter still covers most flat surfaces. Of course, chocolate always tempts.

Obviously aware of my creative bent, my third grade teacher told me I was going to be a writer. Sadly, she told me that shortly before she discovered what she thought was a picture of a donkey was really of a cow. The latter probably suggests that her assessment my creative genius was flaw.

Somewhere between third grade and the year 1999, life stepped in before I got around to writing anything publishable. I graduated from Kansas State University with a double major of Spanish and English. I married George—the best decision of my life—and earned two master’s degrees while teaching high school Spanish. During those years, I followed George, a minister, from church to church, ending up in the beautiful hill country of Texas where we share our lives with two spoiled cats: sweet Miss Maggie and Scooter, the incredible Super Cat.

As well as teaching, I’ve also been a vocational counselor in a state hospital, a program director for adults with mental retardation, a minister, a cook, and a rifle instructor.

Presently I’m writing a three-book series about Butternut Creek, a fictional town in—yes–the beautiful hill country of Texas.

I started my writing career with stories in Woman’s World and in the Houston Chronicle. Three books were published by Avalon Books, then four by Steeple Hill Love Inspired. Now I’m happily ensconced with FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group.

I love hearing from friends and fans. Please drop me a note.

Novels –

From Avalon:  The Mad Herringtons, Persy and the Prince, Miss Prim,

From Steeple Hill Love Inspired:  The Path to Love, Love’s Healing Touch, Deep in the Heart, Second Chance Bride

From FaithWords, A Division of Hachette Book Group:  The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek– April, 2012;   The Matchmakers Butternut Creek, November, 2012;  The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek, Novmber 5, 2013