What I did for love

You have probably guessed this is not going to be a confession about my secret life because you know I don’t have a secret life.  No, as usual, this is about our pets.

We had the carpet taken up and replaced by wood a few months ago.  I had no idea how dull and dark and bare  the room would look without the lighter carpet.   So I bought a rug.  Before I could unroll it and put it down,  Scooter–the fuzzy boy cat–walked to the middle of where I’d planned to put the rug, started hacking, and threw up.   I took the rug back because, obviously Mr. Scooter made it very clear he doesn’t want one.  The first thing I did for love.  Of course, I didn’t want to have to scrub it either.

When we got our first dog many, many years ago, George and I had a double bed.   The dog took up one third, George took up half which left 1/6 of the bed for me.   I demanded a queen-sized bed.    That lasted until we got three cocker spaniels.  Small dogs but even three small dogs take up a lot of room on the bed.   We bought a king.   The second thing I did for love:  give up half of my side to whatever dog we had.  Fortunately, the cats don’t demand that much.

My sister-in-law called a few minutes ago and asked why my Tuesday blog wasn’t up.  I explained I’d forgotten  today was Tuesday (please see earlier blog on this subject) because yesterday was a holiday.   To calm her, I told her I had a title and an idea and promised  it would be up soon.   She said that what she does for love is take her dog for a walk when it’s raining or snowing.  I’m impressed by that.

How do you spoil your pets?  Please share.  It always makes me feel so much better to know I’m not alone.

5 thoughts on “What I did for love

  1. We have an 80 lb dog and that bed thing works about the same. Somehow it is always my half where the extra space is found!

    Also, at some point I have started baking special cookies occasionally just for my dog (okay, and kiddos dog, too). When did I become that person?

    Bones, however, is the one that shares anything he is eating as long as it is not at the table (because, you know, you don’t want the pets to develop bad habits).

    Great post Jane – but no I am CONVINCED you have a secret life.

  2. Irene–we had a 75 lb Irish setter. Same problem. George didn’t move. I fell off the bed. But she got her space. One of our cockers had a food allergy so I had to feed her stewed rabbit with rice. Her treats were thinly sliced and baked potatoes. THe things we do for our pets!!!!

    But I don’t have a secret life! I may work on that.

  3. Cleaned off Finnegan’s rear end that was getting very smelly. Kept reminding myself it wasn’t any worse than changing diapers. He can clean his own paws but can’t reach the “way back.” Cats can reach back there if needed.

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