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Brenda Novak’s Auction

Because Brenda Novak’s son has diabetes, about ten years ago, she started an auction to raise money for diabetes research.   I’ve donated either a basket or books or a critique for most of those years.  

I’m diabetic as well, but type 2.  There are differences between the causes of each although it’s the spiking blood sugar that is a symptom of both types.   I’m fully aware that research into the cure for type 1–what used to be called juvenile diabetes–may not help us older folks at all.

But I do know there is no cure.  Insulin brings blood sugar down but insulin also causes weight gain which starts a cycle of weight gain, higher doses of insulin, weight gain, etc.   And complications arise:  damage to eyes, kidneys, heart, etc.  In fact. a person with diabetes is treated as if he or she has already had one heart attack.  

This year, I’m donating a basket with items from Butternut Creek and signed copies of the first two books in the series.   Hard to see all the goodies in this picture, but go to the site and there’s a listing.  If you don’t bid on my basket, keep browsing.  There’s a lot of good stuff.  You’ll find something!


I’m visiting Margaret Daley

Today, I am a guest on Margaret Daley’s blog.    Well, I’m not really the guest.   Margaret’s format is an interview with either the hero or the heroine of a novel.  Adam Jordan stepped forward to answer some questions for her.  Hope you’ll stop by.


Margaret Daley is a wonderful and prolific writer with Love Inspired and other publishers.  I’m especially looking forward to Saving Hope, a book about human trafficking in the Unite States.  I met her when I wrote for Love Inspired.    We also wrote chapters in, The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities  a self-published book about our experiences with learning disabilities.  I’m dyslexic.

I’d love to see you over at Margaret’s place!

A busy week ahead

This is a busy week in Butternut Creek.

On Tuesday, I’ll be blogging with Margaret Daley, giving an interview with Adam Jordan, one of the heroes of The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek.  http://www.margaretdaley.com/margarets-blog/   Hope you’ll drop by and leave a comment.  A book will be given away!

On Wednesday, the talented writer Jessica Nelson will be here to tell what we find so interesting about a man with a scar and a secret from her new Love Inspired Historical,  Love on the Range.   Isn’t that cover beautiful?  Do you have any thoughts about that man with a scar and a secret?  A prize will be given away.

And, on Thursday, I’ll be visiting Lyn Cote, blogging about the strongest woman I’ve ever known at   http://booksbylyncote.com/SWBS    I’d love to see you there, too.  AND a book will be given away.

Hope you’ll stop by often!


I’m counting down the days before The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek is released on April 3:   TEN days!

What’s coming up? I have no idea.

With promo and attempting to write and editing the second book in the Tales from Butternut Creek series, The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, I haven’t thought about what will be on the blog this week.  Oh, yes, and there has been BASKETBALL! 

There will be a blog here Tuesday and a mini-blog Thursday.   Hope you await them with breathless anticipation.  (And the pictures have nothing to do with anything.  I just had some left over that I wanted to use.)

Sneeze, itch and sweat

I’m not a gardener.  I enjoy the final outcome, either flowers or tomatoes but spending time outside makes me sneeze, itch and perspire.

On the other hand, I know there are people who find great joy in digging and growing.  I have a heroine in the third book of the Tales from Butternut Creek series who finds healing through gardening but I don’t understand why she would.  I’d love to hear from you about why you love gardening and your opinion on how digging and planting could heal that heroine.   Thank you.

My first blog

Actually, the title isn’t really true. For several years, I’ve blogged on the Avalon writers’ blog. Now, however, I’ve decided to attempt a weekly entry on my own blog. I say “attempt” because I get so wrapped up in my Butternut Creek world that I forget what day it is in real time.

So, welcome. Pull up a chair and chat a while.  And while you’re here, please leave a message.  I’d love to hear from you.