What would you take with you?

When Hurricane Hugo headed toward Savannah, GA, George and I packed up and evacuated.   When we left, a direct hit was forecast.  While we drove west on the packed interstate, Hugo took a right turn and hit Charleston hard.

What fascinated me was how easy it was to decide what we needed to take with us.  The two cocker spaniels, of course.  Computers, televisions, our photo albums, and a couple of suitcases.  That was it.  That was what was important.  Anything other than the dogs and the photos, we could replace.  

If you had to evacuate and could take only one or two irreplaceables, what would they be?  Or, if you have evacuated, what did you take?  I like to know.

2 thoughts on “What would you take with you?

  1. What a dilemma. Fifteen years of research archives in the garage and in two offices that can’t be replaced, five large plastic cases of photos and films, clothes I can’t afford to replace and insurance that would not cover everything lost. I think I need a large Army style pontoon boat if it floods (as high as I am) and/or an industrial style fire extinguisher so I’ll be able to ride it out. In Tornado, dog knows where to go for the inside shelter.

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