The Draft Phase by The Husband

A guest blogger joins us today: my husband George.  He’s here to share the highs and lows of living with a writer.    He may exaggerate a little.

My favorite author and dearly beloved wife of 46 years announced yesterday, “I finished the book,” I knew several things.  One, she is still nowhere near her deadline; Jane is a twit who used to do her homework on Friday afternoon.  Two, she is entering the Draft Phase (it could be called Rewrite Time) during which she will do four (or more) complete rewrites of said book.  And three, I’m going to see a lot more of her for a while.

Five years ago we retired to a three bedroom, two bath apartment, and you would think we would see a lot of each other.  But we communicate largely through email and intercom from my study to hers because this is really a one bedroom, two study, two bath apartment.  In Draft Phase, however, Jane will use the Editing Chair, and it is in the living room so I will have to actually see her physical presence from time to time.

The Editing Chair. Jane has lower back problems (Duh! She’s a writer!) But she is also horribly cheap, after years of her pain I convinced her that a good chair, although expensive, would be worth it. And we bought a Scandinavian objet d’art that is the most comfortable thing ever sat upon and has table attached which holds the draft copy at a perfect height.  With its ottoman and its kitty furniture and red pen table next to it, this whole configuration occupies most of one end of our living room.

Her Cheapness also allowed me to buy her a laser printer a few years ago because it prints so quickly, but I know she still uses the ink-jet printer because she believes it is cheaper.  And she will run a complete draft of the book, three-hole punch it, and place it in a binder.  The electric hole puncher keeps me out of the loop at this point.  This used to be my odious duty because Jane insists on reusing her paper for different drafts and it was really really hard to keep the drafts straight.

So picture the great author: in her nightie, feet up on the ottoman, back comfortable in her big chair, cat on its stand providing a Muse, binder on the table, red pen in hand—she’s editing up a storm as long as she doesn’t have to go potty.  It’s nearly impossible to get out of that chair!

9 thoughts on “The Draft Phase by The Husband

    1. I try to shower and get dressed by noon! Sometimes I don’t make it. Good to see you!

  1. LOL! What a wonderful glimpse into Jane’s World! Thanks for the insight, George!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Anne Marie (alexa). I’ll have George come check messages.

  2. We bought that same expensive Scandinavian chair, but it is used by husband with remote control in hand. We are too cheap to buy laser printer since archaic ink jet still works just fine. Instead of a cat for a muse, we plant petunias and stare out the window. Somehow the book that dwells within is not getting written, even a first draft. So thank goodness for Janie and her best friend George who stay focused on writing and speaking words that keep us entertained and inspired! Love you guys!

    1. Judy–how lovely of you to stop by! Thank you. Isn’t that chair the most comfortable place in the world! Sadly, due to the position, I have trouble using the remote without reaching my arm WAY to the left. Hope that book is written some day–even if only for yourselves.

  3. Jane, I can absolutely relate to all your hubby said. It gave me a good chuckle because, like you, I enjoy wearing my pj’s when I work. Not so binding as wearing ‘undies.’ I loved Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robbin. I also enjoyed ‘Wind in the Willows.’ Did you read that one? Great articles. Enjoyed them both.

    1. Yes, George knows writers–at least ONE–well. Thanks for stopping by. I never read Wind in the Willows–don’t know why not. The estate in England from my first Avalon book was named “Wind Willow” which made people think I had.

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