Saving the Suburbs from evil one fiend at a time

When I met Julie Kenner more than ten years ago, she’d just begun what has become an amazing career.  The first book I read by Julie was Aphrodite’s Kiss.  Loved it.  Then I read The Givenchy Code.  Also terrific.

THEN I found Carpe Diem, the first book in the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series.  WOW!   The  idea is so much fun and the execution was brilliant.  

Julie is an astonishingly excellent and prolific writer.  Everything I’ve said about her is completely–well, almost–objective.  She’s a friend, so . . .

The best part about all this is that she will be e-publishing her Soccer Mom series little by little.  A new short story, The Demon You Know, is now available.  I have it on my Kindle, lots of fun and a great introduction to Kate.   The next best part is that she’s blogging HERE tomorrow!  I’m so excited.

4 thoughts on “Saving the Suburbs from evil one fiend at a time

  1. Julie,

    Love your soccer mom demon hunter books! And who better to fight demons than a soccer mom because let’s face it, what doesn’t she have to handle on a daily basis? Loved the short story, too.

  2. Sounds like an interesting book! Demon hunter ~ soccer mom… what more do you need?

    Can’t wait to check it out, Julie 🙂

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