Demon Hunter or Soccer Mom? How’s a girl to choose?

Julie Kenner has  a marvelously imaginative mind which often takes odd and unexpected turns.  Fortunately, she puts those adventures in novels and we get to share the fun.  Please see more about her in yesterday’s blog.   Julie–take it away!

I’m so excited to be blogging at Jane’s cyber-home today, especially when she posed the question of choosing between being a soccer mom or a Demon Hunter.  Because, really, what mom hasn’t had to make that choice?  Why just this morning, I had to choose between getting my kids to school on time or slaying the demon that came barreling in through the back door.  (I chose slaying—trust me when I tell you that spatulas aren’t only for flipping eggs.)  And then there was the time that —

Oh. Wait.

That’s not my life.  That’s Kate.  Kate Connor.  Mom to a teenager and a toddler.  Driver of a minivan. Negotiator of such earth-shattering issues as eyeshadow, mascara, and just how low a pair of jeans can ride.  And, yes, slayer of demons.

To be exact, Kate’s a Level Five Demon Hunter, recently pulled from retirement after a demon came crashing through her kitchen window.  Like they say, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.  And even though Kate didn’t want it to be her, if you ask, she’ll tell you that keeping the world safe from demons really does feel pretty good.  And that’s why Kate hasn’t chosen one over the other.  Choose demon-hunting to the detriment of her kids? No way.  But at the same time, she can’t choose her kids and ignore the demons.  Not when the very core of parenting is keeping those kids safe.  Not when Kate’s one of the few who knows that there really are monsters in the dark, and that somethings the things under the bed really will reach out and grab you.

It’s not easy balancing demon-hunting and parenting, but Kate’s doing her best.  And by choosing both—her family and the job—she’s helping to keep the world safe.  For her kids.  For everyone.

And now—yay!—Kate’s back.  It’s been awhile since her last adventure in DEMON EX MACHINA, but Kate and her family and friends are coming back soon in a brand new novel, PAX DEMONICA, which sees the gang in Rome, where Kate gets to visit with her mentor…and learn a few secrets.  Not to mention face her toughest challenge of all:  international travel with a toddler.  PAX will be out later this month.  In the meantime, though, folks can get a Kate fix (or meet Kate for the first time!) in “The Demon You Know…” a short story available on the Nook and on the Kindle (and coming soon to other outlets).  And also coming soon, I’ll be re-releasing CALIFORNIA DEMON with some bonus content that I think Kate’s fans will enjoy!

Are you a parent? A demon hunter? How do you keep control over your busy day, even if it isn’t filled with demons … or with kids?

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  1. Hi, Julie! I’m a big fan, particularly of the Demon series. I just read the short story and it’s terrific. Looking forward to more from you.

  2. This made me start doing karate chops in my head imagining my mama self as a demon hunter. Looks like my to read pile just got bigger!

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