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My friend Ginny Aiken

The writing world is odd and small.   We run into some authors over and never meet others.  However, I’ve been fortunate to bump into Ginny several times.

We both wrote for Love Inspired and Ginny still does.   While we were writing for Love Inspired, another author confessed  she was dyslexic and had always been embarrassed about this.  About ten of us writers for Love Inspired said we were dyslexic as well and we weren’t a bit ashamed of that.    Ginny and I have learning disabilities and–together with three other Love Inspired writers–told our stories of how faith helped us overcome our problems.  The title of that book is–not unexpectedly–The Overcomers.  We self-published that book, available at

THEN, shortly after I signed my three-book contract with FaithWords, I discovered Ginny had, too.   Yes, we keep bumping into each other.  In Ginny’s three book series, each book will place a story about a woman in the Bible in a much more modern setting.    Here’s a list of the book in her THE WOMEN OF HOPE series:

For Such a Time as This, available now! 
Remember Me When,  June 2013
She Shall Be Praised,  2014

I’ve read FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS  and loved it.   Look for a review here Thursday.

Tomorrow Ginny will blog on her fantastic and incredibly busy life.  I’m so glad she found time to drop in here.    

Goodbye, dear friends

Our beloved minister of eleven years has been called to serve another congregation.  It is a wonderful opportunity for him, a blessing for the new church.  For us, there is sorrow and hope.  We will miss Tim, Amy, Ben, and Mary-Austin but we also know a new minister will challenge us and lead us down new roads.  Soon we will love him or her very much because they are welcome in our open and affirming family.

Yes, we will miss Tim.  Life changes but God is eternal.



The first Tuesday of each month, I present a blog on the craft of writing.   I do this because many of my friends are writers.  However, I blog on this topic only once a month because many are not!

The first topic is on query letters.   Tomorrow is Part Two which covers the first two paragraphs of the query letter.  

Hope you’ll drop by! 

Blood, sweat, and ink

Because I know not all readers of this blog are writers–most of you aren’t quite crazy enough to put yourself through such torture–I haven’t talked about the “HOW” of writing.   Starting the first Tuesday of every month, I’ll add information on various topics having to do with craft.  I’ll start with “How to Write a Perfect Query Letter” and will stick with that for a few months or until I’m finished.   After that, I’m open to suggestions.  Do you have an writing questions/problems/frustrations you’d like me to address? 

I will call this–not surprisingly–CRAFT TUESDAY.

The first section of writing a perfect query letter will be June 5.  Hope you’ll drop by, learn something, and leave a comment or question.  

What’s coming?

Hot, sexy cover–the story of glitches on Facebook coming Tuesday!  Blog written by me, who usually doesn’t have a great deal to do with hot, sexy covers.

WARNING:  No hot, sexy covers will be displayed. 

Inspiration from the Great Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  That’s always been my philosophy of writing as well.  If you don’t write and submit, you’ll never publish.  That isn’t easy.    No matter how much you submit, that doesn’t guarantee a publishing contract, but you’ll never sell if you stop writing.

Come by Seekerville today where I’ll be blogging on the low points of my writing career–believe me, there were a lot of them!  Exactly like Wayne, I just kept taking the shots–although we do differ in some other significant ways. 

And tomorrow best-selling RS writer Laura Grinffin will be visiting  Notes from Butternut Creek.  Hope you’ll stop by.