Cat Grass: a love story

I’ve mentioned what wonderful presents George comes up with.  For Christmas, he gave  the cats a Chia cat grass planter.   Please note:  this was not catNIP.  Scooter has what we in the family tactfully call a “catnip problem.” 

Once the grass had grown to three inches, we put it on the end table and took pictures.   First Scooter, then Maggie–because she is never allowed to do anything before her brother has checked it out–investigated the grass and sampled it.  They truly love cat grass. 

However, Scooter is not a neat eater.  In the last picture, here’s what the end table looked like once he’d pulled his share of the cat grass out.

2 thoughts on “Cat Grass: a love story

  1. Dogs like my Finnegan are extremely neat about their cookies and cookie crumbs. It’s their long hair that stuffs up my vacuum cleaner. Also assorted twigs they bring in from outside on their feet. Also some kleenex that somehow gets chewed up.

    1. Yes, by Finnegan is about eight times the size of Scooter. Pound for pound, I think Scooter wins.

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