Who cares how the game ends?


As I watched the end of the NFL game last night–Houston won on a field goal as time ran out–I saw something that made me laugh.  As soon as the ball went through the goal posts, a San Diego fan   grabbed the hand of a child and ran up the stairs toward the exit.  I know exactly what the man was thinking.  “We have to get out ahead of the crowd.”   I know that because that’s what my father would have said.  Actually, my father and I wouldn’t have been there that late in the game.  We would have left sometime in the middle of the fourth quarter,  to beat the traffic.

Dad was a very busy doctor.  He practiced in the fifties and actually made housecalls.   He was not a patient man.  I’ve inherited that trait from him but he had a better reason to be impatient.   He had gazillions of patients and the idea of sitting in a traffic jam when he should be at the hospital or on the phone (no cells back then) bothered him greatly.

So, we never saw the end of any athletic event.  I remember once sitting in Roys and Rays, a Kansas City hamburger place, listening to the A’s coming from behind and winning in the bottom of the ninth. 

We did see the end of plays or musicals but as soon as the plot was all tied up and with only a few notes of the final song being reprised, we were on our feet, long gone by the time the curtain fell and the curtain calls began.   imagesCAI0E38T

But the important part is that he was there.  The family went together to football in Lawrence, KS.  He took me to Kansas City Blues baseball games before Kansas City had a major league team and to basketball at KU.   So what if we left early?  We were there, together.  Thanks, Dad! 







2 thoughts on “Who cares how the game ends?

  1. In the early 1950s, we had season tickets to the Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville KY an outdoor summer theatre specializing in Broadway musicals. There was a large board with light bulbs with numbers underneath on the left side of the stage. Since Dad was a doctor, he had a number assigned to him, and I think he watched that board as much as he did the stage during the productions. I remember Oklahoma and South Pacific and I’m sure there were others too.

  2. I remember that! When I was very young and we were at a KU football game, the announcer called the NAME of the MD. Then they dicided that was free advertising so they changed to numbers but not on a board. Calling a number out would have been very distracting during a musical. George and I loved the Iroquois amphitheater when we lived in Shively 1976-78 or so. They had just reopened it. We saw CAMELOT–a very good production–and others.

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