What should I get George?

I have probably the best, wittiest, and most intelligent husband in the world.  I would say “sexiest” but I write the sweet books and don’t want to shock  anyone with that word.  ANYWAY, he is also, as I mentioned in my last post, wonderful at choosing gifts that I’d never have thought I needed.  He’s also creative, choosing gifts I’d never have guessed what they were before I opened the package.  For example, one Christmas he gave me a stuffed animal–a cocker spaniel because we had several live ones as pets-with a radio in its tummy.

But I’m terrible at thinking of great gifts for him.   He has plenty of T-shirts and has told me to buy him no more University of Louisville or Houston Texans shirts.  We’re retired so his supply of ties from  when he was a minister is sufficient to last until at least 2050, should we–and the earth–still be around.   He orders and reads whatever books he wants on his Kindle.   He’s not a smoker or a drinker and has plenty of Bibles and commentaries and meditations.    He refuses to wear those onesies retired men wear and prefers sweatpants.    He plays games on his computer and hates puzzles and does make stuff.  Keep in mind we live in an apartment and have little space.

He does like chocolate but there’s a  limit to how much I can get him.  The one present I give every year is food.  I go to a store with a nice display of gourmet foods and get him cheese and pickled treats and sardines.  He has mentioned he’d like a new mattress but that’s not very Christmas-y and it’s hard to wrap.

Time is getting short.  Please help me or George may find no packages for him under our tree!

8 thoughts on “What should I get George?

  1. Does he like beef jerky or doing crafts, like woodwork? I got my husband a dehydrator from Nesco (be sure to get one with a fan on the top) one year and he loved it. We are on our third dehydrator, when he was working he would sell it at work. He’s come up with his own XXXX hot flavor and when our son had some friends taste it, he called and had orders for 16 6-oz bags (we sell them for $10 a bag).

    If he likes to keep busy you might invest in a band saw, table saw, router, etc., one to start with maybe or all so he can experiment more. Maybe even start out with some woodcrafting books for him to see if he’d be interested, you can pick some out with patterns of things you might like. The router is nice to have along with on of the saws.


    1. I am adding to the blog that he’s not crafty either. George is a terrific man and I’ve made him sound boring! And we live in an apartment with a kitchen counter 2 feet long so applicances are a problem. Thank you for being so helpful! You are in the drawing for any of my books you’d like

  2. 1. A Black Forest Coo coo clock put on wall by his side of bed
    2. A barometer with all the fancy things that rise and fall
    3. a guitar and guitar lesson book
    4. a goat as gift for third world country family
    5. a plum pudding laced with rum
    6. I tunes gift card for his jazz stuff
    7. tickets for jazz concert in Austin
    8. Apps for his new Kindle fire
    9. A new van (forget it)

    1. Great suggestions. You know him well! RE: guitar–we got rid of his years ago because he never played it. I did send him something from Heifers International (I think) I tunes is good. Thank you. You’re in the drawing.

  3. Based on the gifts you mentioned that he got you, I suspect he may be fond of technology and gadgets. What about a digital personal weather station? Someone gave me one from Brookstone that shows the current temperature and five day forecast. Or if he loves music and has a collection of tapes or records, there are machines that will allow him to convert those to mp3 files so he can store and play them on his computer and Kindle Fire.

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