Taking the week off

George, my husband of forty-six years, is in the hospital.  I took him to the ER Saturday.  Surgery Sunday.  He may be coming home today.

I’m sure you understand why I have had time or the ability to write a blog.

Prayers will be joyfully accepted.


5 thoughts on “Taking the week off

  1. When they recast Steel Magnolias, Jane Perrine will be the lead. What she didn’t say was she was running 75 errands, all related to George’s handicapped van, his medicine, and getting him a Whopper to eat in the hospital.

  2. Thanks, Kris and Mary. And thanks to my wonderful s-i-l, Diane. I’ll be in Steel Magnolias only if they can make me look like Julia Roberts.

  3. Im not sure that I have the correct person but I have an idea I do.If it it was you who wrote the letter to the TIMES re-the Republicans and religious issues ,Congratulations !You have said something most politicians dance around.You were clear,concise and absolutely correct.
    Thank you again-John E Bishop

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