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Shameless Self-promotion

At heart, I’m a shy, timid  soul.  Some of my friends–possibly every one of them–will not believe this; however, I’ve  always had trouble asking people to do something for me.    One example of many:  when I was a Brownie, I could not sell Girl Scout cookies.  The thought of going up to a neighbor’s door and asking them to buy a box terrified me.  Fortunately, my family liked cookies because we had  dozens during that time of year.   

And, yet, I find promoting my books very easy.  I think I may be able to play a part:  AUTHOR.  As author, I have no trouble handing out bookmarks to people I’ve never met, entering bookstores and introducing myself to staff, asking if I could blog on a site, or making any number of pushy requests.

But I believe I did my most shameless bit of  self-promotion a week ago.  As I’ve written, June 18th I had surgery on my droopy eyelids.  As the gurney I was on was shoved into  pre-op, I promoted my latest book to the anesthesiologist.   She seemed very interested.  Only wish I’d tucked a few bookmarks in the pockets of my hopsital gown.  

Can anyone top this?  (And please forgive any typoes.  I still cannot see well!)

I won’t be blogging for a few days

I’m going to have some MINOR  minor surgery Monday and  should be home by noon.  However, the doctor says I probably won’t be able to email or read for a few days.  

The choice of date wasn’t the best because Monday June 18th–the day I’m having the minor surgery–is George’s and my FORTY-SIXTH anniversary!    But the doctor does surgery only on Mondays and I wanted to go ahead and get it over with.

Because of the date, for the first thirty-five years of our marriage, we seldom celebrated together.  I was often at church camp or on work camps.   It’s nice to be together for the last few years.

He’s a saint to have put up with me all these years.  I find, oddly, that after forty-six years, I love George more than I did when we were  young and gorgeous.  George is still wonderfully handsome, but I show a little wear and tear.   However, the surgeon has promised that after the surgery, I will–again–be stunning.   He showed me this picture of what I can expect.Then he  said, “You’ll look exactly like this.”  I can hardly wait!