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A social media idiot

With my first seven books, I did little promotion. I  had a website and visited a few blogs. Because this three-book series from FaithWords is so exciting, I’ve decided to leap into social media–not struggling and fighting but a little apprehensive.

My first experience with facebook was intimidating.  I  wanted to look at a map only available on facebook so had to sign up.  Within a day, I had a lot of people who wanted to be my friend–all of whom I liked, all of whom were my friends in the real world–but I was overwhelmed and left facebook because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling by rejecting them.  My husband had a similar experience.  When he started to hear more about a friend’s pregnancy than he wanted to know, he, too, left. When my beloved (and I really do mean this) sister-in-law visited, she told me she spent only a few seconds every day on facebook–and yet she sat at the dining room table with her laptop for hours reading and writing messages.

So–here’s my question–actually,questions. What do you think about facebook? How much time do you spend there? Are you likely to read a book if an author leaves a message? I’d really appreciate your answers. Thanks!