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My name is Jane and I’m a chocoholic

I adore chocolate,  lust after it.  I love the feel of the smooth sweetness on my tongue, touching my lips.  Just seeing a piece of chocolate cake makes me happy.  Chocolate cheesecake throws me into songs of joy.

I’m also diabetic, not fun but under control.  Sort of.

In a perfect world, my diet would consist of anything chocolate, pizza and cinnamon bread—maybe lemon ice cream. 

When I go to the grocery store, my hungry eyes fall on delicious treats and I howl in despair because I cannot have them.  Well, actually, I don’t howl out loud because I’m pretty sure the sound would frighten small children and their mothers.  I’m a sensitive diabetic even when craving my brownie.   Anyway, when I see something I yearn to eat, I pick it up and put it in my shopping cart.  I wander around the store for a few minutes, then I return to the shelf, put “my precious” back and the craving is less. 

I must trick my brain.  I didn’t realize my brain was so easily duped but, if it works, great.

Do you have any tricks you use to resist food you shouldn’t have.  Please—no mention of self-control.  On this blog, that’s considered a four-letter word.