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I’m late with this blog.  I had one all ready.  Pictures, spell checked, etc.  I worked ahead on Tuesday evening so I could just click it on.   Then I had guests for dinner and had to clean off the dining room table where I keep the old. slow computer which is also the one I use for my blog because I still haven’t figured out everything on the iMac.  

Odd how guests seem to assume they won’t be eating with a computer taking up most of the table.

I carefully put the mouse “some place”, you know, some place I’d remember, some place that would be obvious, some place I could easily see it.   This morning, I put the computer back on the table but–you guessed it–no mouse!   I looked all over.  I knew it couldn’t scoot away.   I could not  find it.  Until I did.  This evening.  In a drawer.  I don’t know why.   A little late to put a blog up.

A new one Tuesday and Friday of next week!  Sorry.