Obnoxious and anxious

Knowing how much I love University of Louisville basketball and that George and I used to watch every game together, two lovely couples from church each  invited me to watch the Louisville/Wichita State  game with them on Saturday.    I do have wonderful friends and want to express my deep appreciation to Rhonda and Drew, Karen and Bob.  However, I turned both couples down.

I’m a terrible person to watch basketball with.   Much of this comes from my father who was a huge University of Kansas fan.  He took me to nearly every KU basketball and football game from the time I was three or four until I left for college and Kansas State.    He was the most pessimistic fan I’ve ever known.   When the Jayhawks were thirty points ahead and the opponents hit a basket, he’d say,”Oh, we’re going to lose this one.  We’ve blown it.”       Heredity or nurture,  I don’t know but I’m the same way.    I don’t know why I want my Cards to do well because the better they do, the farther they go in a tournament, the more miserable I am during the game.  Close games are nerve wracking.  There are no leads big enough to calm me.  I go outside.  I move to another room.  I play computer games or do crossword puzzles.   I change channels and watch House Hunters International for ten minutes before going back to check the score.   And, when Payton steals a ball or Russ drives, I will rewind and replay that, even four or five times so I can see how the play happened.

No one wants to spend a few hours with a person like me.  And, to tell you the truth, I don’t want to watch with anyone because then I’d have to behave.    When George and I watched together, I did behave.  Oh, I still moved around and did crossword puzzles, but he held on the the remote so I couldn’t watch a play over and over .  He did NOT allow me to change channels.

So, again, thank you, dear friends.  I hope you’ll watch and cheer for Louisville but you truly do not want me around.

6 thoughts on “Obnoxious and anxious

  1. Hi Jane,
    I would love to watch the game with you. Obnoxious or not!

    Go Cards!

  2. Yes, but you won’t let me watch with you, because I watch every second of the Cardinals game and coach the guys from the sidelines (TV) shouting when they don’t pay attention to my directions. Of course, I’m not in the Hall of Fame like Pitino, but sometimes they don’t seem to pay attention to him either, especially Russ.

  3. Although you know I am not a basketball nut-uh-fan, you will note that I did not call you until I was reasonably sure that the final games were over. I know better. Glad the Cards won. But the ladies didn’t. I know this because it was on NPR yesterday morning. When I heard the results of the ladies’ games I knew that it was safe to call because I wouldn’t be interrupting any basketball obsessing – uh- watching.


  4. Diane–I’ve heard that about you! You expect perfections–and Russ would drive you wild!

  5. Ellen, thank you for your sensitivity. I was sorry the Card women didn’t win but they had played way above themselves for 3 straight games. A better team (Connecticut) took
    over. No more basketball until November. What will I do????

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