No NYRs for me!

imagesK441ETZRI haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions.   It’s January 10 and I have not confessed any of my bad habits and promised to do better because I know myself.  I won’t.

Gyms and the Y love the new year because people flood in to sign up forgym rat a membership to help them fulfill their resolution of exercising regularly and losing weight.   The regulars–yes, I was a regular at a place called Robin Lynn for three years before they went bankrupt but never looked like the woman in the photo–always allowed the newbies to fill the floor and machines in January because we knew they’d tire out and  we’d have the facilities back a few weeks.

I’m NOT putting down those committed people who make the swimming lapsresolution and keep it.  For me personally, it’s a little artificial to promise to do something on January 1.   Make the resolution when you know you’re going to keep it or feel very committed.    Every March, I resolve to swim in the pool in my complex and I keep that promise 3-6 times a week and keep that until it gets too cold.

What about you?  Did you make any resolutions?  Or did you not?  Please tell me.  I love to know.