Please excuse and understand any misspellings.  Like Jay Leno, I’m dyslexic.   He often states he’s a terrible speller.  I am, too.  Plus, I don’t recognize my mistakes.  I can proofread something ten times and either don’t see errors or, when I correct them, I make them worse.   I’ve had friends proofread which doesn’t help because, again I’m likely to add more errors.

And now the speller on the blog site doesn’t work.  Every time I run it, the messages comes back No misspellings.  I know that’s not right because I never write a paragraph without problems.

I try.  I really try to write cleanly.    I even wrote a section in the book The Overcomers about my struggles.

So now I’m going to run the spell check and reread this and hope you can decipher it and forgive me.

2 thoughts on “Mispeling

  1. The Elizabethans, and in particular William Shakespeare, were creative spellers. The English language came of age and became alive, active, gusty, provocative, enchanting, and poetic as bits and pieces of world languages came back to England from the sea-faring adventurers, none of whom knew how to spell their new found words and phrases.

    I just found one error – I’n instead of I’m — and that’s not misspelling…that’s the wrong finger hitting the key.

  2. Don’t I wish I lived back then–when spelling didn’t count? When I could spell my name in as variety of ways?

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