Kris Fletcher sold a book

Kris Fletcher and I have been friends from back when she was Chris Fletcher, adopting children from all over the world, and winning every contest for unpublished romance writers.  We were together on a great AOL board for RWA contests.   While we were there, Dorien Kelley sold, Cathy Mann sold, Missy Tippen sold, and I sold but Kris, who is so incredibly clever and talented didn’t.   She did find an agent who believed in her: Hurrah!   She wrote wonderful books that didn’t find homes UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!!   Second Chance Summer sold to Super!!!   I know this book as Never Trust a Man with His Hand in Your Bra.  Kris reminds me the title was Never Trust a Man with Your Bra in His Hand.  Whichever, it’s all good because we finally get to read Kris’ book!

And I’m so happy! Dancing like Charley Brown and Snoopy!

Kris had very few photos of herself around.  I could have chosen a picture of Miss Piggy to represent her (as she has on Facebook) or Queen Elizabeth II because Kris is Canadian.  Instead, I used a maple leaf.

7 thoughts on “Kris Fletcher sold a book

  1. Hi Jane,

    I think everyone from that old Series group on AOL is doing the Snoopy dance for Chris/Kris.

    Every time I think of her getting that CALL, I tear up all over again.

    Thanks for featuring her story here. I hope a bunch of the old gang shows up to celebrate!

    1. Isn’t it wonderful! So happy we can all share. With all Kris’ frineds, it should be a best seller.

  2. Oh, how I love your version of her title. Too bad she couldn’t keep it. Anyone who can come up with something so funny needs to be published. Congratulations, Chris. And I love your website, Jane.

    1. Thanks, Tina and Chris C for stopping by. And, Kris, we’re here to make you all sniffly.

  3. You guys are making me all sniffly!!!!! I would hug you but I’m covered with the stain we were putting on the deck today. SO CYBER HUGS!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to celebrate, Tina. And, ChrisC, thanks for returning the favor. Kris–we’re here to make you all sniffly because all your friend are (all sniffly)

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