I’m not a fancy lady

The Romance Writers conference is in July.  Because I’m a RITA finalist, I have to come up with something  to wear.  Looking in my closet, I realize my wardrobe consists of jeans and knit tops, many with Cardinals or Power Cats on them.    I once had a pretty, flouncy dress.  I wore it in 1999 when I was a Golden Heart finalist and in 2004 when I was a presenter during the awards ceremony.  This spring as I cleared out closets, I thought, “I’ll never wear this again because ‘fancy’ doesn’t fit my life style.”  Some lucky woman bought it at Good Will and I’m out looking to replace it.

The search has been distressing but had it’s moments of fun.  I tried on a lovely black sequined dress which did not  look like me.  As I left the dressing room, I ran into Tracy Wolff–one of my favorite writing friends–and had such a great conversation that people came over and said we sounded as if we were having fun.  I’ve been pondering if they really meant, “You’re too loud.”   She got some great and very bright clothes.  I got a pair of jeans.

A few days later, I went to lunch with the beautiful and talented Katie Graykowski who offered me a couple of her fancy outfits.  Thanks, Katie!  Katie is gorgeous.  She’d look great in red velvet but it’s just not me.

Then I had an idea!  I had a black top with black beads around the top in my dresser.  I’d never  worn it because, yes, it’s fancier than I am.  Sadly, that shirt had been ignored for  so long that one-third of the beads had fallen off.  

How would you describe yourself?  Are you fancy or comfortable or do you just not care?

4 thoughts on “I’m not a fancy lady

  1. Oh please. My idea of dressed up barely fits most people’s idea of casual.

    Can you have the beads replaced? If you like the top but never wore it, it might be nice to finally get the chance!

  2. Hey, lady (can’t believe I called you that!)–I remember in New Orleans (I think) when you were up for a GH and you wore this gorgeous beige/tan outfit with a matching hat! Yes, you are dressy.

    Where the beads fell off, they left a little circle of fabric they were sewed to. I don’t trust the rest of those beads not to fall off and cause someone to fall.

  3. Oh, darling Janie! You’d look good in mismatched plaids with that charming face of yours, twinkling eyes and contagious smile. So go with the money maker and you can’t lose! On the other hand, I’m way too fancy for my own good. At a charity fashion show, a lady turned to me and said, “I don’t want the fancy outfit being modeled–just someplace to wear it to!”

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