Took the car in today and found out the fact that I cannot read the speedometer because it is hidden in a deep well is a design problem which cannot be fixed because it IS in a deep well with no additional lighting.   In September, George bought me a 2003 Mazda which is a really great car but I fear a myriad of speeding tickets lurk in my future.  Also, it’s–sigh–white.  I’ve decorated with with a Kansas State Power Cat magnet on one side and a University of Louisville Cardinal on the other but I still can’t find it in the parking lot the way I could my yellow car.   In fact, I’ve stood next to white cars clicking my remote to unlock the doors and cursing (only in the nicest way) that the battery in the remote must be low.  Fortunately it only takes a few minutes before I realize it is not my car and move on to the next white car.

Little by little, I’m checking off tasks.  I got the extension of income tax paperwork in to the IRS Wednesday, the health insurance straightened out and in my name, information to Social Security, and many thank you notes written to our dear and generous friends.  I’ve worked on my novels a little but am still having trouble getting a read on the love interest in the fourth Butternut Creek novel  for which I’m attempting to put together a proposal with a brain low on creativity.

But I’m doing better.   For example, George loved olives.  The sight of the olive bar at H-E-B only makes me sad not burst out in tears.  Those breakdown have been  frightening for the ladies at the nearby sushi counter.  

I’m also reading the other books that have been nominated for the RITA in my category.  They are wonderful.  I’m honored to be in that group. 

Next Monday, I have two events on this blog.  On Monday, I’ll start the day highlighting the cover of Alexa Bourne’s newest novel.   Later in the afternoon, I’ll tell you about Kris Fletcher whose first published novel–A Better Father–was available a week ago.  Great book!  To my delight, Kris will blog here on Tuesday.  She’ll be telling us about the changes in her life as a published author with edits and promos at the same time she deals with her twenty or thirty–or maybe five–children.  Hope you’ll stop by.

6 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I know all about breaking down in stores and freaking out the folks that work there. I think I just stopped doing that. Early on I had a massive meltdown in Home Depot. I had about 4 guys hunting for a lady to help me. Just keep moving, however slowly or quickly. Enjoy your conference and good luck on the RITA!

    1. Thank you. I will get in touch with you for lunch soon. I need a hand to hold.

  2. Have been so busy with saving Wentworth Cave from coal ash I missed your last blog, but am now catching up. I find myself wanting to call George about some little thing, and I call you instead and interrupt your creative process I’m sure. But at least I get a Texas answer to the phone and I get someone who knows the roster of the Louisville Cardinals and knows what it means for Pitino to get a 2013 Cardinals tatoo on his shoulder. p.s. You can paint your white car yellow! It’s not that expensive, not like a new car. Dear God, I do miss him, perhaps not as much as you, but it does bring tears.

  3. Pkease continue to call, Diane. I’m never doing anything more important than talking to you. And, yes, I miss him but you’re there.

  4. Huge hugs, as always, hon. It sounds like you have a wonderful group of folks in your corner, ready to guide you through these times. I will be sooooo glad to see you in Atlanta and give you some giant hugs in person.

    As for the car, I suggest typing a ribbon or something to the antenna. (I am assuming cars still have antennae. They do, right? I am so techno-challenged …) Easier to spot from a distance than the side panels.

    Please don’t give me any more children. I am barely keeping my head above the chocolate milk as it is 🙂

  5. I do have a Kansas State football-helmetted ball on the antenna but that doesn’t help if one doesn’t remember to look for it because one has so little memory. And, yes, I do have a wonderful group in my corner. Looking forward to Atlanta! Thanks for stopping in.

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