Do you like to laugh?

In November, I’ll present a workshop on Savvy Authors about writing humor because I’ve always wondered how I do that.  I truly believe having a weird mind is the main factor.

Over the weekend, I blogged about the up-coming workshop and humor.  I’d love for you to drop by.

2 thoughts on “Do you like to laugh?

  1. No one captured the outlandish humor of the characters in New York City like Donald Westlake, and no one captured the gentle humor of rural villages like Opie and Sherrif Andy Taylor, and don’t forget the crazy, wacky humor of Faulkner’s The Reivers and the Snopes family books. And I laugh out loud at Big Bang Theory, all those characters are wonderfully drawn.

  2. I do agree! I use Westlake in this workshop because he’s not only funny but he uses humor within that novel which moves the plot along. And I love Sheldon and all those characters. Thanks!

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