Dear friends. . .

I have not been a good blogger.  Last week I was sick and didn’t even realize what day it was.  This week I didn’t get much productive done.  I DID write a few pages on the fourth Butternut Creek book which has the exciting title of The Construction Crew of Butternut Creek, in the hope I’ll just in case I get another contract.    I also worked on promo and cleaned house and . . . well, other stuff that wans’t a lot of fun.  

However, next week I’ll be awake and well and, perhaps, even bright.  Both my teams–University of Louisville and Kansas State–are in MAJOR bowl games so I’ll be watching a lot of football.

Tuesday will be CRAFT TUESDAY.  After that, I’m going to blog on what I DID buy George for Christmas and I’m a little embarrassed about that.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and all the best in the new year!    

2 thoughts on “Dear friends. . .

  1. So excited to hear there may be a fourth book! I sure hope so. What happens if you don’t get another contract? I can’t bear the thought.
    I ordered the first two books in the series for my daughter for Christmas. I was looking for something with a bit of humor, Christian based and well written. After some research, these were the ones I picked. So far there are three of us now reading that first book (at the same time with three different book marks!). I think there’s a race for the second book.

    1. How much fun–the three of you reading the book at the same time! I admire both your patience and your memories. There will be a fourth book. If FaithWords passes on it, I’ll e-pub it somehow. I have to get Mattie married off. Thank you for finding that my books fit your 3 categories. Is your daughter one of the three reading The Welcome COmmittee or has she been shut out of the fun? ; )

      Thank you so very much for writing. I love to hear when my books have made people smile and think. I also hope the inspire.

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