Another white car story

I did it again.  I couldn’t find my white car.

Even worse, I didn’t realize I’d found the wrong vehicle until I got inside the car.

Either the owner hadn’t locked the door or it worked on the same frequency of my remote, but I got to the car in the parking garag, pushed the “unlock” button, opened the door and got inside.  Only then did I notice the seat didn’t feel the same.  And the interior was a different color.  And it wasn’t a Mazda. 

You’d think I might have noticed that it didn’t have a Kansas State Power Cat magnet on the side or the KSU football helmet on the antenna.  I tell myself this happens because my creative mind is filled with new stories and hears the voices of my characters.   I don’t believe it.  I believe I’m really flaky and absent minded.

I’m very glad I got out of the car before the owner came along.  On the second try, I found the right car.

Why?  Why? I shout, Why are there so many white cars in the world? 

5 thoughts on “Another white car story

  1. Silver, too. Small silver sedans. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked up to the wrong car. Magnets on the trunk, a cheshire cat in the back window, and I still head for the silver sedan two cars down from mine!

  2. Jane, the first new car my husband and I got was white. And the one we had before that was beige. He was notorious for not being able to find the car so when we got the next new one, I picked it out. It was navy blue (he wanted green, but this car was cheaper and had more cool stuff like a CD player included).

    Ooh–the Reds just got a home run! (I’m multi-tasking–listening to the game and on Facebook)

  3. Kay, you make me feel so much better! I have a Kansas State power cat magnet on the driver’s door and a Univerisity of Louisville magnet on the other side. PLUS an Obama magnet and a “Support our Troops magnet on the back, a K-State football helmet on the antenna and a peaces symbol on the back window. WHat more could I have? Okay, Diane, you’re right. Racing strips!

  4. Nancy. My last cars have been candy apple red (although George called it maroon) nad yellow but this was the best used car in the lot so I grabbed it. It’s a great car–it’s just WHITE!!!! I wish I were a baseball fan so had a sport to enjoy in the summer.

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