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  1. Dear Ms Perrine:
    I have enjoyed reading and rereading your Butter Creek Series novels. I was hoping or wondering if or when you were going to have book 4 ready? I keep looking but, no luck.
    PLEASE Ms Jane please write more books. I miss everyone in Butternut Creek.
    Thank you in advance
    Tracy Konezney

  2. Thank you, Tracy! I’m sorry but for health and family reasons, I’m no longer able to write–which I miss very much. To finish a novel, I wrote 4 hours, 6 days a week + editing and promo on top of that. I can’t do that anymore. I’ll fill you in on what happens: Gussie has a Christmas baby; Mattie falls in love with a man who came from Houston to spend the summer as a volunteer on the renovation of the gym at the Christian Church; Miss Birdie and the former sheriff get serious; Hannah and Gabe marry shortly after the end of the 3rd book and go to Kenya but come back home when she’s pregnant. That’s about it I don’t check this site very often but you could post on my Facebook page at Jane Myers Perrine if you have more questions.

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