The Path to Love

Published July 1st, 2005


Certain she inherited the criminal tendencies which run in her family, many of whom are now being sheltered by the great state of Texas, Francie Calhoun is determined to better herself–but how? She works hard, is going to college, and has started attending church. Then she meet Brandon Fairchild, her new parole officer. He’s heard that story before. As an attraction grows between Francie and Brandon, he has to learn to trust and she must learn to forgive.


“Jane Myers Perrine’s gentle story brings hope to readers hearts.. . .an enjoyable story.”
— Romantic Times

“THE PATH TO LOVE, . . . is well-written and distinct. The creative storyline, involving an ex-con heroine and her parole officer, is a cut outside the usual inspirational romance. This reviewer was especially charmed by the well-drawn characters [and]. . . highly recommends THE PATH TO LOVE, even to those who may not be regular inspirational romance readers.”
— Love Romances

“Author Jane Myers Perrine has created a cast of loving characters. . . I found this to be a wonderful story and recommend it to all. “
— Detra Fitch, Huntress Review