The Overcomers

Published November 15th, 2011

the_overcomersWhen five writers from the Steeple Hill Love Inspired line shared stories of their problems with dyslexia, they decided to write a book about how they’d overcome those problems.

About the Authors
Molly Noble Bull, Margaret Daley, Ginny Aiken, Jane Myers Perrine, and Ruth Scofield are all published Christian fiction authors. They came from different states, cities, and towns, and they all suffered and suffer from learning disabilities. The good news is they triumphed over their problems and became successful, and you can too.

Did you ever try to push a one hundred–pound rock up a hill with nothing but a toothpick? If you can imagine what that might be like, you have some idea how difficult it is for a child with a learning problem to read or spell ten simple words.
It takes a huge amount of energy to push a heavy rock up a hill. It takes an equal amount of mental strength for a child with dyslexia to read and spell, and at the end of either of these strenuous activities, both the rock pusher and the child are exhausted.
Five published Christian authors with learning disabilities wrote this book from their own experiences. It is their hope that others will be encouraged from reading how they overcame.


An inspiring account of five amazing women authors who demonstrated how creativity and perceptual talents go hand-in-hand with dyslexia and ADD.”
— Ronald D. Davis, author of The Gift of Dyslexia:
Why Some of the Smartest People Can’t Read and How They Can Learn and The Gift
of Learning: Proven New Methods for Correcting ADD, Math & Handwriting Problems.

“The Overcomers is a must-read for anyone with a learning disability or knows someone who suffers from that problem. These five amazing authors have opened their hearts and shared their stories in a way that puts feet to their faith and calls their readers to do the same. Don’t miss this excellent read!”
— Kathi Macias, author of more than thirty books, including Red
Ink, the Golden Scrolls Novel of the Year and Carol Award finalist

“As an ADD-sort myself, I was fascinated by this book because some of these authors described a few problems I had noticed in myself over the years. If you know someone with learning problems who has a dream of becoming a writer (or who might hold that dream but is afraid to mention it), this is the book for you. This book would make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone with learning problems, or who has someone with learning problems in the family.”
— Katy

“Overcomers helped me understand my son with ADD.!”
— Kim