Deep in the Heart

Published September 1st, 2008


With dreams bigger than Silver Lake, Texas, Kate Wallace left a trail of heartbreak when she headed for the big city. Now, her goals unmet, she’s returned home. Silver Lake has gone on without her—so has Rob Chambers, the boy she left behind. Now a man, the single dad has a beautiful daughter. Kate knows he wants the same things she does—love and family—but he’s built a wall she can’t break down. In spite of the past, can Kate reach Rob and teach him to trust her? Will their faith bring them together so they can find love again?


“This is the most heartwarming, soul touching story, it will bring to tears to anyone with a heart. Ms. Perrine does an exceptional job with this inspirational; there were no miracles or great expectations; just a sensational tale of a woman who comes home, finds and heals not only her heart, but others as well. This is a down to earth, life-like story that everyone can relate to, and the characters were well developed with depth and great emotions. The romance is sweet and spiritual. A truly extraordinary story.”
— Coffee Time Reviews

“Five stars! Great novel.”

“. . .a good story that shows mended relationships that are then ready to grow.”
— Romantic Times