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I’ll be seeing you . . .

I’ve had trouble seeing for several years due to droopy–really, really droopy–eyelids.  However, I had a lot going on and more important health matters came up.  Just didn’t find time to get to the doctor for testing.

Then, allergies hit and I could see only through narrow slits with my eyes so puffy.    That happened the day of my signing in late April.   I’ve added a picture–it’s been on the blog previously–so you can see how much trouble I was having with my eyes.  I didn’t publish the pictures George took from the front because I looked like an over-inflated balloon fixin’ to pop.  

With that, I said, “My turn.”   I had the surgery Monday and wrote this over the weekend because I won’t be able to see for a day or two.   I look forward to being able to drive at night and to reading TIME magazine!

Brenda Novak’s Auction

Because Brenda Novak’s son has diabetes, about ten years ago, she started an auction to raise money for diabetes research.   I’ve donated either a basket or books or a critique for most of those years.  

I’m diabetic as well, but type 2.  There are differences between the causes of each although it’s the spiking blood sugar that is a symptom of both types.   I’m fully aware that research into the cure for type 1–what used to be called juvenile diabetes–may not help us older folks at all.

But I do know there is no cure.  Insulin brings blood sugar down but insulin also causes weight gain which starts a cycle of weight gain, higher doses of insulin, weight gain, etc.   And complications arise:  damage to eyes, kidneys, heart, etc.  In fact. a person with diabetes is treated as if he or she has already had one heart attack.  

This year, I’m donating a basket with items from Butternut Creek and signed copies of the first two books in the series.   Hard to see all the goodies in this picture, but go to the site and there’s a listing.  If you don’t bid on my basket, keep browsing.  There’s a lot of good stuff.  You’ll find something!