Monthly Archives: November 2012

The joy of not being alone

I’ve said this often:  I love my church.    During this difficult time, ministers visited in the hospital and at home.  Missionary friends dropped by Tuesday before they left for Ecuador.  Others have called.  Today a minister  and her young daughter visited–always fun to have a little girl around.   People in the congregation have sent cards,  kept us in prayer, and asked what they can do to help–and I know they mean that.  After all, Ken and the guys showed up to move furniture for us.

Our families have been wonderful. We don’t have relatives closer than Kentucky and Arizona although I have a cousin in Kansas, but George’s sister calls almost daily. We love talking to her. My sister sent a card. My brother called. Friends from the church George served in Burnet stopped by Monday. One of George’s oldest friends even volunteered to drive all the way from Kentucky to visit.   People tell me their friends and families and prayer groups keep us in prayer.

And so, we’re not alone.  Even with George as sick as he is and with my being  worried, we are truly blessed  by those who remind us that we are not alone.

I thank God every day for each of you.