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Is the cat comfortable?

I have to disagree with the old saying, “There are no stupid questions.”   There are some things that are so obvious that they should be understood, no explanation necessary   For example, the answer to this question seems fairly obvious:  Is the cat comfortable?

Here are a couple more.

I was watching a basketball game a few weeks ago.  One of the teams struggled through several minutes during which none of the players could hit free throws and were ten points behind.   One of the announcers said, “If the Cardinals want to win this game, they should make their free throws.”

What?  Didn’t the players know they should make them?  Had the coach never told them the importance of hitting free throws or had he said, “Hey, free throws aren’t a big thing.  Toss the ball up and get back to scoring real baskets.”

One of our favorite shows is Top Shot.  The contestants compete using a huge variety of weapons.  On one of the challenges, a shooter was tied to a large wheel, like a Ferris wheel.  As the wheel turned, the shooter had to attempt to hit targets.  In another, the shooters rode in the shotgun side of a stage coach and tried to  hit exploding barrels.   Before the show, there is a disclaimer:  “Top Gun challenges are extremely dangerous.  Contestants are experienced marksmen operating on a closed course.  Do not attempt this at home.”   Doggone!  I’d just found a stagecoach and looked forward to setting this stunt up in the parking lot. 

What are some of the “duh” questions you’ve heard—or asked?

What’s coming up this week?

Now that I’m attempting to get back into my normal schedule, Tuesday I’ll write my usual blog.  Normal and usual sound so good after all the running around I’ve been doing!

Then back to running around again.  One Thursday, I’ll be guest on the Seekerville blog and am really delighted.  The bloggers are a group of  authors for  Love Inspired which I used to write for.   Many are writing friends.

On Friday, the talented Laura Griffin will be visiting.  She’s a lovely woman with a handsome husband and darling daughters–who writes some really tough romantic suspense stories.  She’ll try to explain that to us.

Just for fun, I’ve inserted a cute picture because it livens up the blog and because. . . well, I love cute kittens.

Hope you’ll come back and visit often.  I love hearing from you.

Where was I?

I haven’t been around much recently.  Because my first book in the Tales of Butternut Creek came out April 3, I’ve spent a lot of time on promo.  Friends were lovely enough to invite me to their blogs to promote the book.  The publicist at FaithWords set up a blog tours for me and I’ve been tweeting and facebooking.

One of my firsts blogs was about my fear of using social media.  During the last few weeks, I’ve learned a lot and am much braver about using it. 

TWITTER;  Can be fun.  Can also be a waste of time.   While I’m working on a particularly difficult scene or I have a bunch of line edits to do, my brain says, “Hey, let’s run over to Twitter and see if anyone retweeted you,”  Takes great discipline not to take a break.  PROS:  Twitter is a great way to do promo;   I’ve meet interesting people; people post articles I enjoy; it’s a good break when the brain is overloaded.  CONS:  Because lots of other people use Twitter for promo, many tweets are boring and the sheer numbers is overwhelming.  No one can read them all because they just keep coming.   The worst part is that there are a great number of retweets.  At one time, a man I’m following retweeted SEVENTY messages in a row–I counted.     Fortunately, there is a button that blocks retweets from individuals and I used it!  LESSON:  Write content people will  enjoy instead of constant self promotion.

FACEBOOK: Can also be fun.  I’ve found this to be less overwhelming than Twitter.  I love keeping up with friends and seeing photos,  but it can take up a great deal of time.  LESSON:  Don’t save every cute animal picture that’s posted.

BLOGGING:   There are many wonderful blogs out there.  The publicist had me blog at and   Both were gorgeous and had links to other sites I didn’t know existed.

I survived.  I’m back home, a grizzled veteran of social media.    I’d love to know how you feel about Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.  Do you have any blogs you’d recommend?

The Accidental Cowgirl

Today, a quick blog with my gorgeous and  marvelously creative friend Kit Frazier, the author of SCOOP.  She has the cutest ideas.  Today, she’s going to show us how to create this wonderful chocolate cake using Peeps.  Perfect for an Easter treat.     I wasn’t expecting to blog today but Kit came up with an idea I couldn’t refuse–a description of Easter in Butternut Creek with Ouida making this exact cake!

Please join us at her websitge, The Accidental Cowgirl, at

Happy Good Friday and have a blessed Easter.  Hallelujah!

And finally!

I’ve had so much fun this week, visiting blogs and meeting new people.  Tomorrow I’ll be visiting another lovely place.

Please drop by.  I promise wandering around this site will be a terrific experience.  It’s beautiful.  Jennifer is a decorator and her home is amazingly gorgeous.

Next week, I’ll be blogging Monday and Wednesday.  Then I’ll go back to my regular schedule here.