The most absurd commercial?

I’ve seen a lot of idiotic commercials on television–the Cialis bath tubs, for example–but a recent commercial makes me worry.  Perhaps we shouldn’t allow people who believe they can do whatever is done on television to ever leave their homes.  Ever.

smart car on trainThe one I’m talking about is an automobile commercial in which the driver zooms up a ramp.   The speed and angle of the car allow it to become airborne.  It lands on the top of a train.  A warning at the bottom of the screen says, “Fantasy.  Do not try this.”  If that’s not enough, the next warning reads:  “Fantasy.  Do not try this.  Cars cannot land on trains.”    Do people really not know this?    Again, if they don’t, they should not be allowed out on the street on foot or in any kind of vehicle.

What’s the most absurd commercial you’ve seen?  I’d like to know.

Also, as I searched for a picture, I couldn’t find one of a car on top of a train.   That lack tells me that, really, people seem to know this is not true.  All I could find is a car INSIDE a train (above) which, I’m fairly sure is fantasy as well but it was the best I could do.

4 thoughts on “The most absurd commercial?

  1. I try not to watch commercials. The drug companies commercials make me angry. The commercials change depending on the show. The ads on Sunday Morning are for better quality products than what you see on regular programs. The ads overnight are really varied, and sometimes belong only in the bedroom!

    1. Actually, I watch very few because I tape all my programs and fast forward thru commercials. This one must have come up when I was cooking and couldn’t fast forward.

  2. I’m not so sure about cars on top of trains, after watching Wahlberg’s buddies move those three Mini Coopers around Los Angeles, they could well have figured out a way to put them on top of the train instead of inside the train. (The remake of The Italian Job. After all a lot of train cars are flat now because of hauling containers off the ocean going ships. and remember Mr. and Mrs. Smith did a job and a half on that van of hers.

    1. Yes, I remember both of those. I also remember the Blues Brothers driving through the Mall–but my thought and hope is that people should realize these are fantasy without being told. As I say that, I realize that some teenage boys don’t recognize fantasy.

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