Persy and the Prince

Published April 28th, 2003

Can the rich, snobby heir to the Prince Hotels chain find love with the hotel’s dog walker? Mary Persistence Marsh left a life of high society, corporate law, and family pressures to become Persy Marsh, odd-jobber and do-gooder. To support herself and keep a flexible schedule, she holds various jobs at a hotel run by the uptight, handsome Jordan Prince.
In spite of a strong attraction, the two clash over many subjects, especially the employees’ demand for a safe pathway between the neighborhood and hotel. She breaks off their relationship but realizes they are meant to be together after all.
But, even with her creative imagination, she’s not sure how to make that happen.


“Author Jane Myers Perrine goes contemporary this time in this delightful love story. As in her regency, THE MAD HERRINGTONS, the characters in PERSY AND THE PRINCE are a little offbeat and yet thoroughly believable. Persy, short for Persistence, has shunned the life of the idle rich to work for community betterment. To make a living she walks dogs and does other manual labor jobs at a posh hotel. Surely the very rich, very proper, owner/manager of the hotel, Jordan Prince, is not her Prince Charming. Or is he?”
— Jean Grey, Romance Authors’ Page