Why No One Will Ever Confuse Me with Gracie Gold

ice skatesWhen I was six years old, my best friend Linda and I enrolled in figuring skating lessons.  We arrived at the rink for our first lesson, pulled on our new skates, tied the laces, and hit the ice.   We went every Saturday morning for months and about every two weeks, Linda was promoted to higher class and I never left the beginners.  I’d tried so hard.  I followed instructions, I practiced, I pushed myself but never, never moved up to the next level.  I had no idea why not, not until years later when my mother said she always felt terrible for me as I trudged around the ice–but not only on the sharp blades but also on my ankles.  I had–and still have–very weak ankles that couldn’t support me on ice skates.  I skated on two blades and the outsides of my skates.    No way I was going to go up a class when I was “ankling” as much as I was “skating.”

I wish someone had explained it to me.   I wish someone had told me the keep clam and tell the truthtruth.  I wish the instructor had said, ‘Monica Jane, this is probably not the sport for you.”  Or that four-year-old who was quickly moved from beginners had said to me, “Why do you skate funny?”  Or my mother had suggested I not return and given the reason.  I imagine no one wanted to hurt my feelings, but, really, never improving didn’t hurt?

Do you have something you wish some had told you about?  Please share.  It makes me feel so much better.

4 thoughts on “Why No One Will Ever Confuse Me with Gracie Gold

  1. I am a klutz! Klutz is a Yiddish word meaning ungainly. I can trip over a piece of dust or my own feet. I will never be graceful, and I’m going to keep my feet either barefoot, in shoes, or flippers. Skates and skis are definite no no’s for me!!

  2. I hated P. E. it was always my least favorite class in high school. I especially remember how awkward I felt on the basketball court, but it really didn’t matter what sport I was supposed to be participating in–I never enjoyed it.

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