What word do you wish would never be spoken again?

imagesLake Superior State University comes up with a “words that should be retired” list every year.  This year, these words and phrases, among others were suggested:

Polar Vortex.  One person wrote, “Wasn’t it called ‘winter’ just a few years ago?”

Skill Set   One nominator wondered why we had to use two words for this idea instead of the perfectly good word skills.

*-Nation.  Living in Texas I get very tired of hearing about Aggie Nation.  For that reason, I agree with retiring this concept.  A nominator suggested only a country can be called a nation.

imagesI really don’t have words I dislike although “whatever” as used by teenagers with the rolling and the eyes and dismissive shrug,is probably my least favorite.  No, I’m more a grammar cop and hate poor punctuation and “Where’s he at?”

For that reason, I’m asking for your help.  Is there a word you hate to hear other people say–clean, please–or that you don’t use because you don’t like it?  Please tell me.  I’d love to know.

3 thoughts on “What word do you wish would never be spoken again?

  1. Leave polar vortex in please, it reminds me of The Day After Tomorrow, when stupid anti-climate change office holders and congress people kept the US from doing what it has to to reduce carbon and block ultra violet sun rays. It is far stronger than “winter” and has political overtones.

    I nominate “sunlight sparkling on the snow” and all other trite descriptions.

    1. I should have known you wouldn’t agree with the article! And that you’d dislike an entire phrase. Many thanks for your comments–I do appreciate them even if I may not sound like it.

  2. any of the current phrases used on E tv–cray cray, hottie, notty, etc. makes me tune out the entire content of what the person said. Not that anything on E is worth listening anyway . . .

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