What kind of shoes do nuns wear?

the sound of musicDid anyone watch The Sound of Music live?  I didn’t think I’d like it but discovered those songs make up for a lot.

There was one part, one thing I was very picky about.  When Maria first came to the Von Trapp estate, she’s supposed to be dress very horribly beause she’s a nun–okay, a novice.  Julie Andrews looked terrible and dowdy.  The dress Carrie Underwood  wore was pretty nice.   It had great lines and looked terrific  and most un-nunly on her body.    However, I was able to suspend my disbelief–beause of those song–and pretended that nicely cut dress was exactly what a poor nun would wear.    Then I saw Maria’s shoeshoes.  They were nice and probably comfortable pumps.  Light brown, almost blending with her skin color with heels between 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall.  They made me feel that Miss Underwood wasn’t totally commited to her part.    I can forgive a great deal if I like the music, but those shoes bothered me everytime.   Everytime I’ve seen a nun, she’s weaings flat, lace-up shoes in a dark color.  Yes, I could accept alot as long as the cast kept singing–but   the anachronism of those pretty shoes on a nun bothered me every time.  And, yes, I know I’m shallow.  And picky.

What bothers you more than it should?

2 thoughts on “What kind of shoes do nuns wear?

  1. People that say “nucular” instead of “nuclear” …there are more mispronounced words that drive me up the wall but this especially bothers me because I hear people who should know better using it! I know, picky picky picky!

  2. The dress and shoes were supposed to be the ones she wore when she got to the Abby. They were returned to her when she left to take the position. In the original movie and show the clothing was defiantly draber.

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