What a difference

imagesThe other day, I asked a woman how she met her husband.  “I worked for the government in DC at the end of World War 2. While I waited for transfer to France, I went to a small store to buy clothes.   The owner said she had a nephew there with the FBI and gave me his name and phone number, telling me to call him. I did. We went out and got married a few months later.  I always wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t gone to that store or told the owner my story.”

I ended up teaching Spanish for thirty years because my mother didn’t like the French teacher in high school and enrolled me in Spanish.   Because a huge percentage of my life and income has been based on speaking Spanish, I can’t get my brain around the imagesdifference in my life because of a chance remark from the French teacher to my mother.

In your life, do you see a place where you might have been a different person if one tiny event had been different?

Do you see a way chance or coincidence changed you life?  I wonder what I’d be like today if I’d majored, for example, in PE.

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  1. If I had not overheard a teacher talking to another teacher in the hall of my high school my entire life would have changed. The one teacher said, “no one from Kentucky could get into Cornell University,” The other teacher agreed, saying “it’s just too competitive.” Whereupon I sent for the Cornell catalog and spent four years at Ithaca becoming a unique individual depending on my own resources and spending an entire life learning new things.

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