They call me “Clueless”

I grew up during a more innocent time and am still a little naive.    Actually, some say I’m clueless.   Examples?

I always thought the song went, “One toe over the line”.   I  liked it  and sang along loudly, enthusiastically,  and incorrectly for years.   About ten years ago I learned the word was “toke” and also learned what that meant.  

 And I thought the Doobie brothers were a bunch of siblings from the Doobie family.

Come on, confess.   There are times you’ve been clueless, right?  Please share.  I’ll feel so much better.

10 thoughts on “They call me “Clueless”

  1. Oh, Jane, I’m just as bad. I knew the song was called “One Toke Over the Line,” but in college, I still had no idea what that meant! I was even planning to play it on my Christian rock show on the campus radio station — it does mention Jesus, after all — but luckily I mentioned this to a more savvy friend before I made THAT mistake!

  2. Hi, Jane! That song was a favorite of mine, too, but I did know what the words meant. But Jack (my late hubby) always got the words to just about any song wrong. I’m sure he made most of them up. One of his favorites was “Stuck in Old Lodi Again,” but he insisted the words were “sucking on old Diane.” (Although why anyone would write a song about that is beyond me.) I never did figure out if “Louie, Louie” had any actual lyrics, but back in junior high school we were convinced they must be nasty, whatever they were.

    1. I remember the rumor “The lyrics to Louie Louie are so dirty they can’t sing them clearly”–and didn’t we all TRY to understand them? I love the lyrics you’r husband made up although I do worry about poor Diane! Thanks for sharing.

        1. Kay, you are a saint OR have a wonderful sense of humor. This would have driven me nuts–so you are obviously also a better person than I!

  3. It once took me 10 years to “get” a naughty joke. Which wasn’t even that naughty. And I was in high school when I first heard it, which should have been my peak time for understanding these things, but … ah well!

  4. Aaah, yes. I won’t even go into the numbert of times I’ve embarrassed myself by asking what something I didn’t understand meant.

  5. Jane — this is my favorite time of being clueless. Although I know there have been more and probably will be even more…

    Do you remember the song “Love Potion #9?” I thought it went like this…

    I took my troubles down to Madam Rue/You know the gypsy with the gold tattoo? She’s got a pad down at Petticoat Mine/Sellin’ Little bottles of Love Potion #9

    yada yada yada She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink/she said “I’m gonna mix it up by hitting the sink/it smelled like turpentine and looked like Indian ink/I held my nose I closed my eyes…I took a drink/I didn’t know if it would stay all night/I started kissing everything in sight/but when I kissed a cop down at Petticoat Mine/he broke my little bottle of Love Potion #9”

    For my 50th b’day, I made punch and labeled it “Love Potion #9” because of my mis-heard song lyrics. LOL.

  6. Without seeing the lyrics, how is one to know? And once you get that wrong version stuck in your head, it’s what you hear all the time! Don’t make punch! Record the song!

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