The Mad Harringtons

Published June 28th, 2002

Aphrodite Herrington is the only sane one in her unusually large family — including her parents. The girls, Terpsichore and Athena, are saucy and flirtatious while the boy, Aklepios, runs away from Cambridge and loves to pull pranks.
They all converge at a house party meant to celebrate Aphrodite’s engagement. The guests include Terpsichore’s former beau, Callum McReynolds, who still loves her but is too proud to admit it, and Thomas Warwick, an acknowledged rake who starts to fall in love with Aphrodite just as her fiancé, Frederick, falls for Aphrodite’s sister Athena.
When Asklepios shows up masquerading as an Italian count, Aphrodite knows that for once her family beyond her control. Worst of all she finds herself falling in love with Thomas.
They decide to entertain themselves and the guests by putting together a performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. And as if written by Shakespeare himself the love affairs begin to unravel.


“My new favorite writer.”
— Barbara Dawson Smith
“THE MAD HERRINGTONS is a delightful Regency romance that offers a deliciously eccentric family, a great deal of zany fun. The novel, with its vibrant and unusual characters and . . . humor, nevertheless has beneath all the fun a substantial story of character growth and genuine love.”
— Under the Covers by Barbara R. Hume
“THE MAD HERRINGTONS is a grand Regency house party romp that has everything. It’s fun, funny, and heartwarming, with love enough to go around for all. . . Ms. Perrine has a bright future . . . The people are delightful, the pace rapid, the dialogue and musings enchanting. I cannot praise this debut enough and I urge every Regency lover not to miss it.”
— Romance Reviews Today by Jane Bowers
“THE MAD HERRINGTONS is a Regency rewrite of the classic “You Can’t Take It With You.” The story line is humorous as this romantic romp places a satirical light on the Ton.”
— Under the Book Covers by Harriet Klausner (May 13, 2000)
“This book will capture the heart of not only Regency romance fans, but all lovers of romantic fiction. Author Jane Myers Perrine’s lovely turns of phrase and judicious mix of comedy and angst make a delightful read.”
— Jane Almquist, The Writers Club @
“Three charmingly mismatched couples and a cast of wacky characters . . . add interest to this funny Regency version of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream . . . light, lively, and humor-filled. “
— The Library Journal (May 15, 2000)