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toteIn an earlier blog, I mentioned my problems with organization, how I use baskets and notebooks and colors to keep track of all my stuff and what I should be doing.   In THE MATCHMAKERS OF BUTTERNUT CREEK, Gussie uses different totes for the various sections of her life.  Yes, I took that from my life.  I had one tote for school–a very large one–another for church, and many others for volunteer activities.

Today, I mostly use my totes for shopping and realize anyone looking at them would learn a great deal about my life.   One is from an anniversary of the founding of my college sorority at Kansas State.  Whenever I carry that, I make sure my hair looks good, my shirt is clean, and my shoes don’t look too ugly.  I do that because living here in Austin, I fear a young collegiate Theta will see me and think, “I didn’t think alums looked that bad.”

I have another with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) logo on it.  This is a communion chalice on a St. Andrews Cross.  That cross is on its side and looks like the letter X which causes people to ask me if I’m a member of the temperance league.

Another tote has this written on it:  “My  hero can kick your hero’s . . .”  Well, I’ll allow you to fill that in so I won’t insult any readers.   I have totes with Romance Writers of America conference themes and one with the symbol of one of my publishers, all of which might tip people off that I’m a writer.

Many years ago, my dear mother-in-law gave me a tote with “Cats and Books” on it.  That pretty well fills in my other interests:  pets and reading.

What’s your favorite tote?  What does it tell people about you?

13 thoughts on “My life by tote bags

  1. I can totally relate to having so many tote bags.
    When my youngest son was a baby, 44 years ago, I used a Christian Board of Publication drawstring plastic book bag for a diaper bag. Those bags were so sturdy and so handy!
    Of course, there was also a McGovern sticker placed across one side for a while. Being a minister’s wife, this probably didn’t sit well with some of the members of our church!
    I still have tote bags, not only for carrying groceries, these days, but also to carry just about everything else that won’t fit in my purse!

    1. So, Susie, you consider a tote sort of an annex for your purse! Great idea. I never put political stickers any place while George or I were serving churches but I loved it when he was in chaplaincy and I could.

  2. OH Janie girlfriend…you are my tote lovin’ heroess! I adore totes…now I have a classy black/white small classy print for biz, LLBean with a C for sturdy stuff, LEOPARD baby for the jazzy stuff and LOTS and lots of grocery bags that have food all over them….they double for all the above as well. Oh yes….and my totes have baby totes too!!! Di

  3. Totes! Whatever would we do without them? I tote fun collections of things I want to get rid of to grand-kids houses and try to leave the stuff there, much to the chagrin of their parents. But the kids unknowingly think they are treasures. My favorite tote, though is the sorority tote Jane mentions–because it is a reminder of great times with talented friend Jane and other terrific women decades ago at Kansas State!

    1. How sneaky–leave things you want to get rid of for the grandkids. How much fun for you and them but I’m surprised your kids let you inside! Yes, the tote is filled with wonderful memories of youth and dear, drear friends.

  4. My totes (10 at last count) were mostly gifts when I gave talks around the state. Most libraries and some historical societies gave totes. But my favorite was a tote Mom gave me from Land’s End — very heavy and holds lots of books and files. Each tote has a different set of materials used when I give talks or teach courses. All should be filed away instead of left in the tote.

    1. Your talks are much better referenced than mine. My talks/matierials are perfectly happy being let in the tote until the next speech.

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