4 thoughts on “First chapter of THE WEDDING PLANNERS

  1. Hi Jane!
    I read your first two Butternut Creek novels and I had The Wedding Planners pre-ordered so that it would “just happen” in my Kindle on release day. I haven’t started it yet–because I know once I start I won’t get anything else done. I tend to not multi-task all that well if I’m involved in a good book.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! Isn’t it fun when something surprises you on the Kindle? Hope you love the third visit to Butternut Creek. Please let me know.

      1. Hi Jane–

        Just as I predicted–once I started the book I found ways to put off some of my cleaning duties (and one night going to sleep on time) in order to read “just a few more pages”. I finished in a few days–a sure sign of how much I enjoyed the book.

        Now that I’m fully invested in all characters of Butternut Creek I hope that I’ll be able to visit again soon…as in a fourth book to the series?


        1. thank you! I don’t feel a bit guilty about coming between you and housework. Sadly, there will not be a 4th book because 4th books in a series are not selling well. the 4th books was going to be Mattie’s romance set against the remodeling of the gym as a community center, as Blossom suggested. You’ll have to use your imagination! I’m disappointed but am very happy I got to write the first 3 books.

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