Congratulations, grads!

felicitaciones2Yes, I know I’m late with this but I’m going to a party for a 2014 graduate this afternoon and began to reflect on graduation.

I don’t have good memories of my graduations.   I was one of 428 in high school and sat between two guys I’d never seen before.   I graduated from college in January and didn’t return for the June ceremony.  My friends tell me the speaker was a famous physicist and they didn’t understand a word he said after, “Congratulations.”    Nor did I attend the HUGE ceremony when I received my master’s from the  University of Louisville.  However, I promised I’d attend after I earned my M.Div. in a class of thirty.    Unfortunately, because I’d taken my classes mostly in the summer to complete the degree, no one recognized me in the pictures of the class and identified me as Hilda someone.

However, I’ve attended many more.  As a high school teacher, I always into the futurefelt graduation was a celebration of attainment, meeting the goal.    Many time, I was one of many in the audience.  In Fort Bend County, TX, I always volunteered to escort the class forward.   In other schools, attendance by faculty was required but, again, I never minded that–well, except for the times it was held on the football field and we processed in over wet soil and were attacked by flying insects as well as various pollens that had us scratching and sneezing.

But with every one of those, I felt such pride, both in the completion of all those years of study and in the awareness that young people I’d taught were going out into the world, speaking fluent Spanish, I hoped, or perhaps that they’d find a use for the language.

So to all those who graduated, from Rogene and Becky to Sam and Luke and today to Jon, congratulation and Godspeed.



6 thoughts on “Congratulations, grads!

  1. My favorite graduation memory: we ended up attending ceremonies at one particular university 3 years in a row. The chair of the board of directors gave the same speech all three years. (And when I asked someone who attended this year, yep. Same speech again.) By year 3 we were able to text each other with the lines that we knew were on their way. Seriously funny.

    1. How funny! He obviously didn’t think the same people would be there. May I suggest you volutneere to rewrite it–same ideas but perhaps different sturucter and words? Oh, and maybe you could add a romance.

  2. When I was teaching at Wilkes College, the tradition was to have the graduation ceremony outside. One year we had a well-known politician as the speaker, who spoke after the diplomas were distributed. After about half of his speech, he said, “Folks, I am an old country boy, and as I look at the sky, I think I better stop right here. It is going to pour by the time we get to cover!” He was right!

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