Cats do the darndest stuff

When I moved into my new apartment, I realized there is no ceiling fan–the first room I’ve seem without one since we moved to the South nearly thirty years ago.   I bought myself a small fan to put on the table next to me.,  Oddly, this fascinates the cats when it’s on.  Of course they like to have the breeze blowing in their faces but, even more, they love the taste of the fan.  It’s plastic.  When it’s on, they lick it and lick it.   Fortunately, they can’t get their tongues inside the grill–well, until Maggie, the timid, quiet cat, attempted to bite off the plastic grill.    I don’t allow that.  For her safety, I turn the fan off when I’m out of the room.   When I see her chewing, I give her a little push and say, “No”–cats always respond so well to “No”–but this does not deter her.

Okay, all you cat people out there, please help.  Why does she do this and how to stop her?   Please do not lecture me on the danger involved–I understand this.  I’d just like some insight into her tiny brain.

Seven years ago, George made a rope at one of the craft centers in Vacation Bible School.  He brought it home and gave it to Scooter, his gorgeous and self-centered cat.  Scooter loved it.  Why would a cat like a six-foot length of handmade rope?   This soon became like worry beads to Scooter.  When he’s upset or feels abandoned, he drags the rope around the apartment and makes the saddest, most heart-rending meows you’ve ever heard.  When I’m gone, I can tell if he’s felt alone because the rope has been moved from one room to another.

So, another questions for you cat people:  Why does a cat drag a rope around when he’s sad?

Many thanks to all for helping me understand feline behavior.

5 thoughts on “Cats do the darndest stuff

  1. Cats are creatures who despise change. Give them time, and lots of love (which I know you will) and they’ll get used to their new surroundings… lots of luv,
    Kit & Marlowe Kitty

  2. Thanks, Kit and Marlowe. They do seem to have adjusted well except for their fascination with the fan. Because it’s black, they may think it’s a relative.

  3. Scooter loves that rope because George is imprinted in it and especially when he feels uprooted or abandoned or sad. There’s a statue of a terrier dog in Endinburg Scotland that everyday went to lay down on his master’s grave, so some pets find a token of continuing love and devotion. Maggie on the other hand likes fans?

    1. I’m really hoping Scooter doesn’t throw himself on George’s cremains which are still under the end table. I know Scooter drags this and howls when he’s feeling alone–but you have to admit it’s strange. As is Maggie and the fan!

  4. First of all you have to remember that you are the cat’s staff. You have to use devious means to teach them. Coat the plastic with something that doesn’t taste good. Use a water pistol to keep them from doing behaviors that you don’t want them to do. George imprinted the rope, when he made it, and he misses George, and you, when you are not there.

    I hope this has helped.

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