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No NYRs for me!

imagesK441ETZRI haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions.   It’s January 10 and I have not confessed any of my bad habits and promised to do better because I know myself.  I won’t.

Gyms and the Y love the new year because people flood in to sign up forgym rat a membership to help them fulfill their resolution of exercising regularly and losing weight.   The regulars–yes, I was a regular at a place called Robin Lynn for three years before they went bankrupt but never looked like the woman in the photo–always allowed the newbies to fill the floor and machines in January because we knew they’d tire out and  we’d have the facilities back a few weeks.

I’m NOT putting down those committed people who make the swimming lapsresolution and keep it.  For me personally, it’s a little artificial to promise to do something on January 1.   Make the resolution when you know you’re going to keep it or feel very committed.    Every March, I resolve to swim in the pool in my complex and I keep that promise 3-6 times a week and keep that until it gets too cold.

What about you?  Did you make any resolutions?  Or did you not?  Please tell me.  I love to know.

Nelson Mandela

mandelaLike most people around the world, Nelson Mandela has always been a hero to me.   I started a blog on why I admire him and realized he possessed more strengths and contradictions than I could address in a blog.   I also realized that I’m unable to write about him because my skills aren’t up to it.   And what I wrote was boring.  For that reason, I started over.  Here’s my second effort.

Mr. Mandela changed his tactics over the years, from peaceful protest to more militant means until he became the man who freed and led his resentmentcountry.  He had friends some  in the United States still don’t like beause they don’t realize  why he had them.   He wasn’t a perfect man but he was a man of immense courage, compelled to free his people.

Instead of writing more,  I’m going to share this quote.  Mr. Mandela’s words define him far more than anything I could write.   I’d like to hear your thoughts.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquer that fear.”     Nelson Mandela




nanoYes, November is National Novel Writing Month (we seem to have a badge!)   We are challenged–all of us, even you–to write an ENTIRE novel during the month.  It doesn’t have to be a good novel.   It’s written but not edited–just pure writing from the beginning to the end.   I’ve challenged myself to do that.  Leaped out of bed this morning,  sat down at the computer.   I have to confess, I did eat breakfast, drank coffee while petting the kitties, and checked email first but, after that,  I started writing.  then I decided I liked the other story better and wrote a few lines on that.   Then I went to the post office and came home for a nap.   All in all, I accomlished very little but I  wrote a few sentences which makes me happy.

But, in the midst of all the excitement and challenge,  I forgot about the blog!   So, here it is.   If you want to write a novel, try NaNoWriMo.

THE WEDDING PLANNERS OF BUTTERNUT CREEK comes out Tuesday.  Release day of a novel NEVER gets old.  I’m filled with fear–what if Matchmakers cover 2everyone hates it? What if my editor tells me they are not  paying me the rest of the advance because it’s so bad?  What if my writing friends star throwing books at me?   On the other hand, what if people do like Hannah’s romance and Adam’s wedding?  Writing is a risk and a gamble.  And RT said, “”An utter delight.”  That means something, right?

I’ll be blogging several times–guess blogging–next week.  I’ll put a link  on this blog so you can visit them.

Would you please hold my hand until Tuesdady?  I would appreicat that.  A “there,there” and a soft pat-pat would also be appreciated.

Many thanks



This is my usual day to post a short blog–major blog on Tuesday, a few lines on Friday.  Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been spent cat logic  between bedsattempting to get the blog and website up again and doing paperwork on financial matters which I am not at all good with.  I’ll start up again with my regular blog on Tuesday  In the mean time here’s a funny cat picture. . .

wedding_plannersAND here’s the cover of my book THE WEDDING PLANNERS OF BUTTERNUT CREEK which will be available November 5!